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About Us

We are a Team of professionals

who have held the highest positions in the Police, secret services, media and financial institutions in Europe and in the world. We have joined our forces to serve business community with our knowledge and experience so that they can run their business in peace and without surprises.

We are able to take care of every element related

to the safety and security of people and companies in the country and in globally. Our experts include top professionals with many years of experience in the institutions of the European Union, the World Bank, OSCE, Europol and Interpol, as well as outstanding specialists who held high level positions in Polish law enforcement agencies.

We provide individual and strategic consulting

in building safety and security at every stage of business development. We are versatile and we select individual “tailor-made” solutions for each task – from training and building anti-corruption programs, compliance and whistleblower protection systems, through support for HR processes, cybersecurity, investigative audits, to economic intelligence and personal protection. We also provide professional and effective PR support and assistance in crisis situations, related for example to the activities of control and investigative institutions.

Our services are professional, comprehensive and their scope is very wide, which makes the Wojtunik Group a unique company on the market.

We are an international company

We provide our services in the USA, the European Union and countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


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